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711 Ford

Chevy "Morand" in 73A

732 BMW V8

( Ted Walker)

Triumph Dolomite Sprint engine in 763

76A Ford V6

( Ted Walker)

772 Hart, 2 liter

Ford-cosworth in 811

Ford Quad Cam V8 (not used by March)

Ford Quad Cam V8 (exhaust 180 degrees interchangable )

Ford Cosworth FVA for F2 (with gear drive)

Cosworth DFL


1986 GBA: 1,497cc, 1,000 bhp @ 12,200 rpm

86C prototype in late 1985

Buick V6 4-2 liter engine for 86-87ARS

Cosworth engine in 87B

87C Cosworth DFX

87C DFX and Alfa Romeo

87C Brabham-Honda

1987 F3000 Cosworth with Yamaha 5 valve cylinderhead

87G Nissan VEJ/VHR30, 3.0 L 90-degree V8, 12,000 rpm max.

1988 F3000 Judd-Honda V8

881 Judd V8

Ilmore engine for 88C with Chevy covers

Judd V8 in CG891

1989 Porsche Indy engine

89CE Alfa Romeo V8

1990 Indy prototype 1

1990 Indy prototype 2

1990 Porsche Indy engine